Friday, January 10th: The Rivoli

The boys from The Daybreak took the stage of The Rivoli for the first time on January 10th. The show was set up by the European music conglomerate "Emergenza" as a part of their international music festival, which culminates with a 3-day outdoor summer festival in Germany. Although the set was shorter than the band was used to (only 25 minutes) it allowed the boys to showcase their most popular songs, and the response from the crowd followed suit.

Opening with "Keep Breathing" was a good move, as the song which has often been called the signature tune of the band grabbed the crowd right from the start. The band then moved into the pop masterpiece "Stepping Stone" and into a very unrepenting version of "How Long Can We Wait?". The boys closed out with the epic "Rain, Rain, Rain" followed by an extremely intense version of "Fall Apart", which left many in the crowd taken aback by the power and emotion of the performance.

The best news from the show, of course, is the fact that The Daybreak were voted by the fans at the club as a band deserving to go to the second round. You can expect to see the boys at The Reverb in May as they continue to pursue the dream. And you never know what could happen ....

The Daybreak would like to thank all of the Emergenza International Staff, especially Marco and Jackie for their interest in the band and attention to the details of our performance, the sound techs, stage crews and engineers for doing a great job in bringing the Daybreak sound out, and to all our fans who showed up to cheer us on.

Set List:
1. Keep Breathing
2. Stepping Stone
3. How Long Can We Wait?
4. Rain, Rain, Rain
5. Fall Apart

Support: Gooder, Lovejoy, Adam 8, FTA,
Slave to the Squarewave, Watson, Key of Me.

Pictures from the show:

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